Features of TRON’s Hard Forks:-

Real-time network performance by Dynamic energy adjustments

Performance improvement will increase by 50% from the current state

Decentralized Applications (DApps) will improve better performance

Custom-built blockchain system by creating the virtual machine on its ecosystem.

Increase the performance is a high priority while Tron is gaining more users and more Dapps are getting build on the platform

Popular Token which was built under Tron Blockchain Network:-

BitTorrent (BTT)

Fruit Token

TronEuropeRewardCoinPro (TERC)

BeatzCoin (BTZC)


TRONONE (TONE) and more

Tron network allows users to create or issue tokens on its own blockchain network, these types of tokens can be used as Dapps. TRC-10 and TRC-20 is a technical token standard build under the TRON blockchain network. TRC-10 is already used in high profile projects like BitTorrent Token (BTT) the largest decentralized file-sharing protocol with around 100 million users.

TRC20 token standard makes it convenient for everyone to make conditional & instant transactions and it is nearly similar to the ERC-20 standard.

Popular Gaming Platforms which have been built on Tron Blockchain network:-

Magic Academy


Tron village

Eggies world


Most of the sports betting & I-gaming crypto platform is built on Tron blockchain especially for BetFury. It is the First i-Gaming platform that was built under the Tron network.

Tron became the finest blockchain network for game developers to start working on it. It will manage up to 2000 transactions per second. BetFury is — gaming platform with a BTC dividends pool that was built under the Tron Blockchain network. They also provide in-house games such as Dice, Circle, Plinko, live casino and more.

Popular MLM Platforms which have been built on Tron Blockchain network:-






MLM — Multi-level marketing can be widely used by the business industry it was mainly used by start-up peoples who want to start their business from scratch by approaching the customers directly in person to sell the product. Behind the success of the smart contract, most of business people are interested to integrate smart contracts in many MLM business because smart contract-based MLM based business remove third parties activities and make more transparency. Smart contract based MLM on Tron offer N number of benefits which is like

Tron powered smart contract MLM platforms runs without an intermediator

100% Decentralized & More Transparency

While using Tron smart contract on MLM platform which makes the instant transaction and more

Tron smart contract MLM Software is a decentralized MLM software that helps to build MLM platform on the Tron network and It offers high scalability for all Dapps in the TRON environment.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that now you all are cleared about what is TRON and their N number of business models which have to create more attention in the crypto market. So this is the right time to start your crypto business on the right platform. If you want to create a blockchain like Tron or looking for a Tron fork development company then you are in the right place!

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