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3 min readAug 7, 2021

Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development called as an token contribution is another form of ICO, which is quickly creating to be the most preferred procedure to raise assets for business through value tokens. ETO improvement is the ideal answer for any kind of association, who wish to raise capital from worldwide financial investors to secure and innovative progressed arrangements ensured by law. Developcoins provides an required assets for your venture by developing equity tokens through our ETO Development Services, By this article we have to see about What is Equity Token offering (ETO) and their features.

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What is Equity Token Offering (ETO)?

Equity Token Offering or ETO is type of event by which an organizations offers an equity in their stock for sale to investors in the form of equity tokens. Equity tokens are a type of security token and store authoritative data as squares of scrambled information on their relating blockchain. During an ETO, investors an buy equity token from an organizations and they allowing the company to raise liquid capital in order to develop its business. Equity token offering have an numerous similarties to an initial public offerings (IPOs). Companies are hoping to sell equity through ETOs might expose themselves to due perseverance by an outsider administrative position or speculation bank to demonstrate that they are a sound venture.

Equity tokens are comes in an many forms such as:



Options Contracts

Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenized Ventures

Types of Equity Tokens:-

Equity tokens can be seperated into an two different types such as

Dilutable Tokens

In Dilutable Tokens, it can enable a lot of stock by the the part of its investors and other shareholders. Unissued stocks will be utilized for an later deals and when it gets sold it dilutes all the current shareholders, The quantity of tokens addresses the offers in the association which is carved on a smartcontract. This token tens to reduce share held by the investor, in any case, the Share holds more worth.

Non-Dilutable Tokens

A Non-Dilutable Token will be equivalent to the rate portion of business , by using this token the percentage of the share value will be decrease when a total number of shares can increase, here anti-dilution premium will added to act as an insurance for the investors to remain in the company without diluting their assets.

Features of Equity Tokens:-

Programmable Equity:-

Equity Tokens allows you to hold illiquid asset into a value issuance through an progam code.

Global Capital Investment:

Equity tokens give trust and reliabiity quality to institutional financial investors to join the crypto market. Prompt a huge pool of capital venture.

No Intermediaries

There are no middle man between the association and speculators. It will reduce the expense of commissions for the borkers, so that the trust will made by Private Equity Token Platform Development.

Backend Dashboard:-

Backend Dashboard will helps to manage the activities of investors and retails such as dividends, buybacks and announcements.

Enhanced Market:-

This Token will guarantee the financial investors with an ideal construction and innovative progression, that will give trust to the investors.

Where To Get The Best Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development Services?

As a leading Token Development Company, Developcoins provides complete Equity token offering development services , right from ETO consulting to the creation of a custom Equity token that assures the investors with certain rights such as voting right, share in profit, dividend to to attract accredited investors around the world. The team of skilled developers will provide their full support to the customer even after the project is delivered.

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