Benefits of Token Development :-

2 min readJun 16, 2021


Having your own cryptocurrency compounds your brand value. It gives you the edge over your competitors as it creates a professional outlook for your brand.


Tokens can be used to popularize your brand through airdrops and bounty. This will in turn generate signups and expand your user base.


Tokens earned can be traded in cryptocurrency exchanges. They act as a good store of value that compounds over time.

Popularizing your project with your brand’s native token is now made simpler. Create your token on top blockchain platforms and raise funds as people invest in your token. Or, create a non-fungible token marketplace where crypto enthusiasts can buy and sell their NFTs.

Developcoins, the token development company, has been helping crypto entrepreneurs for 5 years. From the basic ERC-20 token development to the latest non-fungible token development, our token developers are proficient in developing every token based on your business requirement.

Features of Token Development:-


Your Token will comply entirely with the concept of ERC20 and will be compatible worldwide with each ERC20 wallet. It has a name, a symbol, and a number of decimals.


You will be able to burn your Token. It means that by burning any of the tokens you may opt to reduce the circulating stock.


Via minting, you will produce tokens. Only the owner of the token will mint. If you don’t want to produce any more tokens, you can also disable minting.


You can delay your token movement. It is useful to prohibit trading until all token transactions have been unfrozen.

Access to ownership

You get complete ownership over your token. The token owners also get to mint new tokens and manage them.


You cannot create more tokens than the token limit specified. This ensures that people don’t create more than declared tokens.

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