Axie Infinity Clone Script

2 min readAug 12, 2021


Axie Infinity Clone Script is one of the most trending conecpt in the NFT marketplace and it was ready-made digital gaming platform built under an etheruem blockchain sames as like Axie Infinity. By this platform, users can breed, battle and trade digital monsters called an Axies. Axies are fully Non-fungible tokens and it was built on various blockchain platforms like Tron, Eos and Binance Smart Chain. Our ready-made Axie Infinity Clone script helps to launch your own Axie Infinity NFT Gaming Platform.

Axie Infinity Clone:-

Axie Infinity Clone is embedded with features and functions of the NFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity. This Axie Infinity Clone can also built on Binance Smart chain, EOS as well as TRON as per your requirements that helps you to launch your own NFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity to trade non fungible tokens. Axie Infinity uses ERC721 standard tokens, so that it can be used within the games to give players for exclusive rights or opportunities.

How Does Axie Infinity Clon Works?

Before start into the Axie Infinity, Every users should must install a crypto wallet, that will uses to store or control user’s NFTs for stacking. Trust Wallet and Mest Mask was the most commonly used wallet in an Axie Infinity as per the business needs.

Before start to play an Axie Infinity, every players must be purchase minimum of three axies by an ethereum and also you can buy 3 breeds that can be hatch into tha axies.

To expand your empire by breed the axies to battle against another axies, by this procedure player can win an SLP To (Small Love Portion)

If you want more axies?, you can breed axies to one another, so that you can be easily get an large amount of SLP Tokens

Every Users can earn more tokens thorugh an various ways such as Staking and Pooling, Sell through an liquidity pools in the decentralized platform, SLPs and more.

Where to get the best Axie Infinity Clone Script to build NFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity

As a leading NFT Gaming Development Company, Developcoins offers the best NFT Clone Script to launch your own Axie Infinity with 100 % decentralized and it has been designed to provide an all-rounded customizable NFT gaming platform for a variety of use cases. Our ready-made Axie Infinity clone is the best and unique NFT Gaming Script in the online marketplace.